Colors to Dye For


Our process of crafting clothing with the best colors, dyes and washes is unique and very special to us, which is why we wanted to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at our dyeing method.

We always say that our garments are “handcrafted” right here at home in San Francisco. Let us elaborate…

At San Francisco City Lights, we use the garment-dye method, rather than the fabric-dye method. This is special because garment-dyeing is far rarer. Garment-dyeing means that each individual garment is cut and sewn before it is dyed. Fabric-dyeing means that all of the fabric is dyed before any cutting or sewing takes place.

The benefit of garment-dyeing our clothes, is that we can respond quickly to your needs, and changing color trends. If we have a stack of Zip Hoodies, all in white, we can dye them any color, or each a different color, depending on our customers desires! But, if we used the fabric-dye method, we would have already dyed the fabric, and then made the Hoodie. If your style needs or color trends change, we would be stuck with a stack of Hoodies all in that one old color.

All in all, garment-dyeing allows us to be flexible, fast-reacting, and fashionable. Your needs are taken care of, which is what we're all about.

Here is an inside look at our dye house in San Francisco... 

Step 1: Cut and sew, then cut and sew some more. See those white rolls at the bottom? Those are ours, ready for action.


Step 2: Tie 'em up.  I spy some Skinny Mini Camis....

Step 3: Pick a color, any color

Step 4: Spinning, spinning, we're getting dizzy!

Step 5: Here they are! (This particular color is "St. Martin's Lime")

Step 6: The garments say "Goodbye" to the dye house and "Hello" to your closet!

Next time you thrown on your San Francisco City Lights favorite, you'll know just how it got that rich, never fade color. 

With Love, 

San Francisco City Lights

Live in pure comfort.