Studio-to-Street Makeover Tips


Want to hit the gym but have no time for a shower after? Don’t fret: follow these simple tips to quickly transform your post-workout woes into a fresh, street-ready look.

  • Skip the shower! Substitute classic face-wash for on the go cleaning facial towelettes that eliminate oil and sweat residue while protecting you from pesky breakouts. The best part? You can slip these handy towelettes in your gym bag or purse!
  • Steer clear of post-workout redness. Take 5-10 seconds to splash cold water on your face, neck, and wrists to cool your body down and eliminate redness. Then, spritz your face and neck with a calming toner to transform your redness into a rosy glow. Another added benefit of calming toners is that they hydrate your skin so you can skip heavy moisturizer. Look for alcohol-free toners made with rosewater for extra redness defense.
  • Be a BB Cream Queen. Smooth a tinted BB cream onto your face to get light coverage, color control, and skin boosting benefits, while avoiding the caked-on look of foundation. Apply three dots: one on the bridge of your nose, and one on each cheekbone, blending outward towards the ears.
  • Less is more. Use a swipe of the same trusty BB cream as primer for lids, followed by a swipe of shadow. A dot of highlighter in the corner of each inner eyelid will brighten your eyes. Finish the look with two coats of waterproof volumizing mascara for a natural look that won’t run.
  • Get glowing. To accentuate your post-gym glow, leave your powder blushes or stains at home. These products will work against your dewy skin and create build up or streakiness. Instead, try a mistake-proof mousse or cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks to create a fresh, glowing look. Our favorite cheek tints can double as lip color for a quick touchup.
  • Not-your-average shampoo. Worried that your post-workout hair will give you away? Skip the full wash and opt for a dry shampoo and a cute updo to complement your fresh face look.
  • Finishing touches. Stash blotting papers in your purse to stop shine in its tracks. Blotting papers are a must-have to prevent t-zone shine that can appear after a sweaty studio session.

Complete your new fresh-faced look with a comfortable and stylish outfit from San Francisco City Lights. At San Francisco City Lights, our fashion pieces are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind to transition seamlessly from the studio to the street. With the help of these makeup tips and our fashion-forward garments, you can be sure to put your best foot forward, every time!

With love,

San Francisco City Lights