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Fall in Love with Color


At San Francisco City Lights, our clothing is our art. When painting a canvas, the artist always chooses the best colors to use. Dyeing our garments is like painting a canvas. We create our dyes carefully and creatively, always making sure they come out rich and unique.

Our designer, Anna Woloshko, always has her finger on the pulse of new color trends, and this Fall she has hit the nail on the head with our new Tie-Dye, Camo, and Mineral Washes! (And our Seasonal Solids are just as fabulous). To give you a peek into our color world, here are a few Fall pieces to look forward to!

The Hollywood II

This easy-breezy top features a Navy Seal Bottom Dye. The bottom dye makes this top so special because each has to be hand-dyed. Pair this with our Lux Leggings, and you’ve got a hit!

Best Pullover Hoodie Ever

Put this on, and you’ll realize it really is the best pullover hoodie ever. Here we have our hoodie dyed in Charcoal Camo Wash and Navy Seal Camo Wash. The hand-crafted art behind dyeing these garments makes sure that no two are alike! Rest assured that you have a one-of-a-kind piece, hand-made and hand-dyed.

Best Zip Hoodie Ever

Now for a Mineral Wash! Throw this hoodie on anytime, anywhere, and you’ll be living in pure comfort. Mineral Washes are key components to our upcoming Fall line, because they provide that edgy faded look, which will never actually fade.

Drape Neck Tee

Time to show some love for our Seasonal Solids! The Drape Neck Tee is one of our favorites coming in the Fall. It is made with our signature Butterknit fabric, which will never lose its stretch, size or softness. Our Seasonal Solids are rich and deep colors that are just as long-lived as our fabrics.

We hope you're as excited as we are for our new Fall styles coming soon! Whether you choose tie-dye, camo wash, mineral wash, or solid, may you always live in rich color. 

With Love, 

San Francisco City Lights

Live in pure comfort. 




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