Yoga Hybrids: Gotta Try 'Em All

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Do your traditional yoga classes bore you? Do you feel like you've done the same cardio workout for the last month? If you want to spice up your daily or weekly workout cycles, look into yoga hybrids. You will learn how to combine almost every workout technique you've ever implemented into a new and trendy workout that provides immediate results.

What Is a Yoga Hybrid?

A yoga hybrid is exactly what it sounds like-it's starter yoga taken to defense level ferocity. Different hybrids incorporate different exercises, trainings, and workouts with yoga to create an entirely new and unique set of methods. Your hybrid yoga instructors teach you how to properly and safely plan and execute customized workouts. You can even tailor these exercises to fit your needs and fitness goals.

Are There Different Types of Hybrids?

Just like there are different hybrid animals, foods, and mythical creatures, there are various types of yoga hybrid classes that you can explore. You'll be surprised to see the number of ways trainers and yoga professionals have combined yoga with different activities.

1. Aerial Yoga. You can increase your flexibility and defy your personal limits in aerial yoga. You sit in a cloth sling, much like aerial performers, and use it to for core support. You have a free range of motion for your trunk, shoulders, and limbs. You also stretch different muscles as you balance in your cloth bundle. If heights don't bother you, try this unique workout.

2. Aqua Yoga. Do you love to swim as much as you love yoga? Then you might consider aqua yoga the next time you slip into your swimsuit. This is a lower impact, higher balance substitute for a classic workout. It suits pregnant women and individuals with limited mobility or disabilities.

3. Breakti. Anya Porter founded Breakti, an energetic workout that melds yoga, hip-hop, and break dance. This routine is higher impact since it involves dance moves, but you will feel energized and well-worked by the end of the workout.

4. Core Fusion Yoga. With this impressive regimen, you don't have to choose between the fierce exercises you love. Core fusion yoga integrates isolated ab, arm, and thigh work with relaxing and re-energizing yoga techniques. As you finish each sequence, you will feel rejuvenated and strengthened.

5. CrossFit Yoga. All of your friends rave about CrossFit and how well it helps you build muscle tone. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing-if you're not careful you can overexert yourself in one workout. Why not mix it up and add yoga to your CrossFit regimen? You will develop a wider range of motion and reduce any pain or injuries you may have.

6. Hot Vinyasa Yoga. Do you remember when your yoga instructor taught you about vinyasa flows? Put that knowledge to the test and try a hot vinyasa yoga class. Instructors heat their studios to about 105 degrees so that you can sweat as you stretch out those knots in your back. Just remember to drink plenty of water during your workout.

7. Koga. Thanks to inventor Jon Koga, yoga combines with kickboxing in this surprising hybrid. When you enroll in a Koga class, you mix techniques from both fitness programs to achieve fast fitness results. You use isometric and plyometric movements, meditation, and music to achieve a new level of fit.

8. SUP Yoga. If you live near the coast, you'll love SUP (standup paddle) yoga. You take your board out on the water and essentially use it as a yoga mat. As the water ebbs back and forth, you force yourself to use all of the small muscles in your body that you don't typically stretch in traditional yoga.

9. Trampoline Yoga. You loved jumping on the trampoline as a kid. As an adult, mix your favorite pastime with your preferred yoga poses. Yoga studios that offer trampoline yoga provide small trampolines that allow patrons to blend a variety of techniques with a little bounce factor. As you move from pose to pose, you will build core strength, increase flexibility, and discover a calm feeling like no other.

How Can I Start Hybrid Yoga?

Visit your local yoga studio or work out center to see which yoga hybrids they offer. Some of the hybrids listed above won't be available everywhere; however, you can always put in requests with studio management to bring in these exciting new options.

If you prefer to do yoga in the privacy of your own home, look online to find DVDs for these amazing workout combinations. You can find Koga and other intense workout options online. Practice them at home, and remember that you'll need to adjust to a more exhilarating workout routine.

Try one of these incredible yoga hybrids to change up your regular workout routine. You won't be sorry that you experimented with a new exercise regimen.