Light Workout Clothes

Match Your Active Lifestyle with Our Women's Light Workout Apparel

When you slip into new clothes, you want to feel as great as you look. Loose shirts and baggy pants can give you greater flexibility at the gym, but they don't necessarily flatter your figure. On the flip side, tight clothing can accentuate your curves but make it difficult to perform your favorite yoga stretches.

At San Francisco City Lights, we'll help you balance your active lifestyle with sensible, yet elegant fashion. Our light workout clothes are ideal for yoga, running, and cycling, but they still look beautiful if you need to run to a dinner date.

Our modern, locally handcrafted designs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors suited for all kinds of women. Better still, we use contemporary, yet luxurious, fabrics that are both soft and gentle, so you can feel that cool Pacific breeze on your skin.

Feel free to mix and match our pullover hoodies, leggings, sweatshirts, camis, and more to create your perfect outfit matching your active lifestyle. And don't forget to shop our new collection and clearance items as you browse our stores across the Bay Area.